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The Paediatric Pathology Society (PPS), started in 1955 as the Paediatric Pathology Club, is composed of pathologists who specialise in or have a major interest in the pathology of the fetus, neonate or child. The Society exists to promote paediatric pathology in its widest sense, embracing all the disciplines of pathology, but most members are now Histopathologists. Membership is largely European, reflecting the origins of the Society, but is open to those from anywhere in the world.

The Society runs an Annual Scientific Meeting, with meetings generally happening in Europe. Donations to the Society have enabled the institution of a guest lecture - The John Emery Lecture - at the annual meeting and the Norman Brown Award is given for the best presentation by a junior member or guest.

Please note that this site is www.paedpath.org, not to be confused with www.pedpath.org, which is our journal website.

PPS Annual Meeting

The 66th PPS meeting 10-12 December 2020 in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

PDP Journal

Pediatric and Developmental Pathology is the premiere journal dealing with the pathology of disease from conception through adolescence.

PPS Newsletter

The current PPS Newsletter is now available to view. This is the November 2020 edition!

Latest AGM Meeting

The current Paediatric Pathology Society AGM meeting is now available to view.

John Emery Lecture

The John Emery Memorial Lecture

Norman Brown Award

Given for the best presentation by a junior member or guest

Marian Malone Prize

Established in 2016 for the best presentation of a surgical paediatric pathology abstract.

PPS Slide seminars

A list of archive slide seminars from PPS annual meetings

Message from the President

Michael Ashworth

Michael Ashworth Having being a member of the Society for some 27 years I am conscious of the honour that you have conferred on me in choosing me to be your President. I wish to thank my immediate predecessor Prof. Gordan Vujanic for handing on to me a Society re-invigorated and in robust good health. It is my earnest hope that when the time comes for me in my turn to hand over its direction to my successor that I shall be able transmit it in a state of undiminished vigour. The bulk, if not the entirety, of the work of the Society is transacted by the Honorary Officers and Committee and I am grateful to have Officers and a Committee of ability and commitment. I look forward to a harmonious and productive working relationship.

As expressed in our Constitution, the objective of the Society is the promotion of research and expertise in Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology. With members in so many countries operating under many different models of health care delivery, with political circumstances that tend more to fracture than to unite, and with increasingly rapidly changing developments in technology, how can our Society possibly hope to achieve this objective?

Fundamentally, it can do this by being a genuine Society. Our Annual General Meeting must be the time when we come together for the dual purpose of a strong academic programme and to hare our experiences and learn from and support each other. It is for this reason that we must make our AGM a solid success in terms of academic strength but also in a social sense of working together. The next AGM is to be held in Sheffield and I hope as many of you as possible will attend. But, we also have a website that perhaps we do not make enough use of as a vehicle of communication.

We are in the midst of a series of changes to our Constitution to fit it better to the realities of modern practice. At the last AGM in Pittsburgh we tweaked the Committee structure. Further changes are planned on which the membership will decide in due course.

We should be conscious of our traditions and of our past successes. What we have in Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology is unique and to be valued. We should not, however, be fearful of innovation or of discarding ways of working where the evidence shows they should be.

Michael Ashworth
PPS President

Upcoming Meetings & Events




Crowne Plaza Royal Victoria, Sheffield, 28th – 29th January 2021  + ICAL

This event will be a case-based approach to the current major clinicopathologic issues in Soft tissue tumours in different paediatric ages and is targeted to Paediatric pathologists, adult histopathologists and trainees.

For more information please visit rcpath.org






29 - 30 March 2021

The PRE-TERM BIRTH Dialogues 2021 will be a VIRTUAL conference

The aim of the meeting is to provide a forum for researchers into preterm birth, across the maternal-fetal ecosystem ranging from epidemiology...

Download Conference Flyer

For more information please visit the PRIME website





The Beatiful Brain

15 - 16 April 2021

To be held in London - North, Central and East London , The Royal College of Pathologists

A special course on signs and significations of brain developmental disorders

For more information please visit rcpath.org





The IPPA 2021 Update Course

Due to the COVID-19 epidemics we've had to re-arrange the course dates. The 2020 IPPA Update Course will now be held in Rome, Italy on the 18th - 24th September 2021.

More Information...





The IPPA 2021 Advanced Course

Due to the COVID-19 epidemics we've had to re-arrange the course dates. The 2020 IPPA Advanced Course will now be held in the Netherlands on the 16th - 22nd October 2021.

More Information...





17th – 18th June 2021  + ICAL

To be held in London - North, Central and East London , The Royal College of Pathologists

Placental pathology is a unique area of perinatal pathology whose understanding requires knowledge of normal development, physiology and histopathology as well as foetal and maternal medicine.

For more information please visit rcpath.org

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