The Wonderful World of HUNGARY from your armchair!

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Welcome to Virtual Hungary!

Enjoy Hungary from your living room with stunning sightseeing & street food tours!

Watch these videos and take a walk on the sunny streets of Budapest and feel the breeze on the shore of lake Balaton, listen to the rhythm of galloping horses. Learn about history, architecture, landmarks in Budapest and see where the hungry Hungarians go to eat. If you ever wanted a proper goulash recipe- just learn it from a Habsburg, his ancestors had spent enough time in Hungary to learn it… (He works as an ambassador, and clearly cooks for himself- how times have changed.)

Beautiful Sights Of Hungary

Video's are courtesy of the Hungarian Tourism Agency -

Hungary – Wellspring of Wonders: A Brief Introduction

WOW Hungary – Wellspring Of Wonders (with subtitles)

Hungarian Food Culture

Hungarian Food - Amazing Goulash - courtesy of Mark Wiens

Hungarian Food - Ultimate Street Food - courtesy of Mark Wiens

How to make Hungarian Goulash (Pörkölt) courtesy of Ambassador Eduard Habsburg