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The 2020 PPS meeting
Sheffield - United Kingdom

Dear Collegues

Welcome to the 2020 PPS annual meeting, due to COVID-19 this year's meeting has not only been postponed until 10 - 11th December, but will now be an online virtual meeting. 

Based in Sheffield, the meeting organisers invite you to attend this exclusively online meeting starting on Thursday 10th December through to Friday 11th. For an in-depth look at the meeting please click on the 'Programme' tab below.

The meeting will be held using the 'Microsoft Teams' software and there will be various 'how to' guides added to this section to help you familiarise yourself with this format well in advance of the meeting.

We are very pleased to announce that this year's online meeting has been granted 10 European CME credits (ECMECs) please see attached PDF below.




For how-to-docs regarding Microsoft Teams and how to use this format please CLICK HERE


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Sheffield virtual meeting Area







 This Years Venue




Professor Marta Cohen




 THURSDAY 10th December 2020


Symposium – Skeletal Dysplasia – 15.00-17.00 (50 min each + 10 min questions)


Chairs: Prof Marta Cohen and Dr Samantha Holden


• Dr Meena Balasubramaniam – Genetics of skeletal dysplasia

• Prof Anastasia Konstantinidou – Contribution of post-mortem examination to the diagnosis of skeletal dysplasia in the era of Next Generation Sequencing: Preliminary experience.


Coffee Break: 17.00-17.15 hours


Symposium – Skeletal Dysplasia – 17.15-19.15 (50 min each + 10 min questions)


Chairs: Prof Marta Cohen and Dr Samantha Holden


• Prof Amaka Offiah – Radiological aspects of Skeletal dysplasia

• Dr Peter Nikkels – Histopathological aspects of skeletal dysplasia


At the end of the session, the attendees should be able to:

1. Gain an understanding of the genetics of skeletal dysplasia. 

2. Gain an understanding of the contribution of post-mortem examination to the diagnosis of skeletal dysplasia.

3. Gain an understanding of the radiological aspects of skeletal dysplasia.

4. Gain an up to date understanding of histopathology of skeletal dysplasia.


FRIDAY 11th December 2020


Proffered papers - 08.30-10.00 hours 


Chairs: Dr Peter Nikkels and Dr Dicle Orhan 


(12 mins + 3 mins QA)


08.30-08.45 Anaplasia in Wilms Tumour: A 30-year UK experience.                       

Presenter: William Mifsud, Sidra Medicine, Doha, Qatar


08.45-09.00Clinical exome vs conventional sequencing in the diagnosis of fetal skeletal dysplasias. 

Presenter: Alfons Nadal, Pathology Hospital Clinic, Universitat de Barcelona,


09.00-09.15Differential phenotype, density and distribution of maternal and fetal 

macrophages in infected and non-infected preterm versus term deliveries. 

Presenter: Kerry M. Parris, Department of Reproductive Medicine, University of Sheffield, UK 


09.15-09.30Morphometric placental villous and vascular characteristics differ in early- and late-onset placental syndrome

Presenter: Carmen A.H. Severens-Rijvers, Maastricht University Medical Centre, Maastricht, The Netherlands


09.30-9.45Severe osteopaenia in a fetus with massive perivillous fibrin deposition of the placenta.

Presenter: Craig Platt, Nottingham University Hospital, Nottingham, UK


09.45-10.00Unsuspected myocarditis presenting as sudden death in infants and children                       

Presenter: Oana Neagu, University of Sheffield, UK 


Coffee break 10.00-10.15 hours


Meet the Expert Session 10.15-11.45 (25 min each + 5 min questions)


Chairs: Prof Jane Dahlstrom and Dr Kathrin Ludwig 


•Dr Michael Ashworth – Morphology and Pathology of Paediatric Cardiomyopathies.

•Prof Christian Vokuhl – Next Generation Sequencing in Paediatric Pathology: Chances and Struggles 

•Dr Isabel Colmenero – Unusual vascular anomalies: How to deal with them?


At the end of the session the attendees would be able to:

1.Gain an understanding into the approach of morphology and pathology of paediatric cardiomyopathies.

2.Gain an understating of the applications of NGS in paediatric pathology.

3.Gain a practical approach to the diagnosis of unusual paediatric vascular tumours.


Coffee break 11.45-12.00


John Emery Lecture: 12.00-13.00 Prof Elisabeth Brüder: “Hirschsrprung’s disease”.


Chair: Dr Michael Ashworth


Lunch break 13.00-14.00


Symposium – Paediatric Tumours Update: 14.00 – 16.00 (25 mins + 5 mins QA)


Chairs: Dr Isabel Colmenero and Dr Srinivas Annavarapu


•Dr Jens Stahlschmidt - Update on Paediatric hepatic tumours.

•Prof Gino Somers – Rare paediatric tumours presenting as small round blue cell tumours (SRBCT).

•Dr Katrina Wood – Update on Paediatric lymphomas.

•Prof Rita Alaggio – Pearls of wisdom in Paediatric Sarcoma – What I learnt from my mistakes?


At the end of the session, the attendees should be able to:

1. Acquire an understanding of up to date insights into paediatric hepatic tumours.

2. Acquire knowledge and understanding of rare paediatric tumours presenting as SRBCTs.

3. Develop an approach to diagnose and report paediatric lymphoid tumours.

4. Acquire knowledge and understanding of paediatric soft tissue tumours.


Coffee break 16.00-16.15


Proffered papers - 16.15-17.00 hours 


Chairs: Prof Anastasia Konstantinidou and Dr Irina Kletskaya


(12 mins + 3 mins QA)


16.15-16.30 An unusual adrenal tumour in a neonate.

Presenter: Fabienne Anglade, Hôpital Armand-Trousseau, Paris, France


16.30-16.45Prognostic significance of histopathological response to preoperative 

chemotherapy in Wilms' tumour.

Presenter: Gordan Vujanic, Sidra Medicine, Doha, Qatar


16.45-17.00A neonate presenting with seizures, developmental delay, macrocephaly and diffuse MRI changes.

Presenter: Srinivas Annavarapu, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle, UK


PPS Annual General Meeting : 17.00 - 18.00 


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