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Details Regarding The Submitting of Slide Seminars

To submit your diagnoses, handouts or other information regarding your slide seminar case, please send the following information by email to:

 PPS Webmaster : 

Your case title (e.g. Case 1): 
Your name: Your email address: 
Case History: 
Stain(s) used for submitted slide(s): 
Morphological Description: 
Additional information: (optional) 
Case Diagnosis: 

Please also send any macro photos, X-ray images or other digital materials (including a digital version of your handout and/or presentation) as attachments to your email. Please note that patient identifying information should be removed before you do. 

It is understood that you have obtained appropriate consents for the use of your materials for educational purposes. 

The digital slide seminars will be made available for public viewing (i.e. without being logged in) until 1 year after the relevant Annual Meeting. Thereafter, they will remain permanently accessable to PPS members while logged in to the website. 

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