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The Paediatric Pathology Society (PPS), started in 1955 as the Paediatric Pathology Club, is composed of pathologists who specialise in or have a major interest in the pathology of the fetus, neonate or child. The Society exists to promote paediatric pathology in its widest sense, embracing all the disciplines of pathology, but most members are now Histopathologists. Membership is largely European, reflecting the origins of the Society, but is open to those from anywhere in the world.

The Society runs an Annual Scientific Meeting, with meetings generally happening in Europe. Donations to the Society have enabled the institution of a guest lecture - The John Emery Lecture - at the annual meeting and the Norman Brown Award is given for the best presentation by a junior member or guest.

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PPS Annual Meeting

The 63rd PPS meeting 07 - 09 September 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal.

PDP Journal

Pediatric and Developmental Pathology is the premiere journal dealing with the pathology of disease from conception through adolescence.

PPS Newsletter

The current PPS Newsletter is now available to view. This is the June 2017 edition!

Latest AGM Meeting

The current Paediatric Pathology Society AGM meeting is now available to view.

John Emery Lecture

The John Emery Memorial Lecture

Norman Brown Award

Given for the best presentation by a junior member or guest

Marian Malone Prize

Established in 2016 for the best presentation of a surgical paediatric pathology abstract.

PPS Slide seminars

A list of archive slide seminars from PPS annual meetings

Message from the President

Dear Members,

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all members for my appointment as president of PPS.

A special thanks goes to Phil Cox. Taking over this role from him is undoubtedly a challenging task. He started the process of modernizing the society, with the construction of the new website — an important tool for exchanging knowledge in such a specialized field and for creating a network of experts. He has also supported the ambitious plan to organize a joint meeting PPS-ANZPPG Society in Perth, which, despite the difficulties related to the distance, was a great success. It was an extremely stimulating meeting from the scientific point of view and a unique occasion to exchange experiences with many pathologists coming from different countries including Indonesia, Australia and United States.

The friendly atmosphere of Perth and the incomparable landscapes in the surroundings were also the ideal place to make a reflection about our discipline and the evolution of our Society.

We as PPS are faced with a number of challenges, some of which stem from the overall trend of our discipline, and some from the workings of our subspecialty.

On the one hand, as pathologists, we need to cope with the identity crisis derived from the technological evolution and the growing role of genetics and molecular biology in the diagnostic work up. This is especially true for pediatric and perinatal pathologists.

On the other hand, as a society, we need to constantly ask ourselves Why do we exist?, What do we want to achieve?, How are we faring against our objectives? Swamped as we are in our daily routines, we run the risk of taking the answers to these questions for granted.

While there is no magic bullet to tackle these challenges, I firmly believe that we have to come to terms with two things. First, to cite Pessoa, we must realize “the certainty one is always beginning.” Second, we need to acknowledge that we are a small yet highly-focused society, meaning that to make the same impact larger societies can make, we have to be more cohesive.

In light of this, I would like to share with you what I see as the key priorities for the next term. Roughly, these priorities may fall under the general goal of innovating the society, meaning that I will try to sustain the great job Phil has done so far. Below, the top priorities for the year:

These goals can only be achieved through close and continuous collaboration among all members of the Society. In this respect, I would like to conclude with a brief aside. In "mindfulness" practice, there is an exercise in which a group of people, eyes closed, stand in a circle. They move back and forth at same time and in the same direction as parts of a single body. They are able to do so simply by following the intrinsic synchrony based on non-verbal communication. The mission for the president of the Society is to turn each individual rhythm into a part of a harmonic circle, and to keep it alive by infusing a breath of fresh air. We as “seniors” are used to think of ourselves as the repository of the state of the art; yet we often fail to pass it on to the neophytes, to stimulate their creativity and enthusiasm; and we often fail to see change coming.

Together, we will achieve our goals. Phil has shown us that collaboration and a clear strategic vision can make great things happen. I see no reason why we can’t go further.

Rita Alaggio
President, PPS.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Lisbon city

The PPS 63rd Annual Meeting

The 63rd Annual Meeting of the Paediatric Pathology Society will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on the 7th to 9th September 2017. The local organiser is Paula Borralho-Nunes
More Information...

San Servolo

The IPPA Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology

The XXXIX IPPA Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology will be held in San Servolo, Venice on the 30th - 6th October 2017. The course will be organised in cooperation with the Venice International University
More Information coming soon!

SPP logo

Society for Pediatric Pathology Spring Meeting

2017 Society for Pediatric Pathology Spring Meeting will be held in San Antonio, TX, March 3rd - 5th
San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk
889 East market Street
San Antonio, Texas

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